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Thalassa Greek Restaurant In Goa
Thalassa Greek Restaurant In Goa

True to its name, Thalassa has always been about the spirit of the Sea. It is a multi-sensory experience with stunning views, classy Mediterranean décor and authentic Greek cuisine and hospitality. The outdoors is never far away and all the properties integrate nature’s abundance within its space.

Thalassa began on the waterfront in quaint Vaddy, Siolim and expanded to include another taverna in the heart of the city, Panjim. The latest in the Greek experience is a luxurious resort right on Morjim beach.

A quintessential Thalassa day starts slow with the soft sounds of water and birdsong. It then unfolds into a bright and cheerful brunch vibe with stunning backdrops to those gorgeous IG pictures you absolutely must click.

As the sun begins to dip, the sky puts on a show against the water for some spectacular sunsets. The magic doesn’t stop there but further transforms the space into a vibrant night with music and live performances.

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Thalassa is not just a restaurant. It is an experience. Enjoy food, décor, shopping against a stunning waterfront backdrop. Did we mention it is totally Instagram worthy?

Thalassa Greek Restaurant In Goa


Thalassa has a legacy of hearty food right from the land of its origin. Generous portions, authentic Greek cuisine and served with love would sum up the culinary delight. One is spoilt for choice with fresh, crisp salads that are bursting with flavour or grilled meats / seafood. Starters to Desserts, there is something to cater to every palate. The very special occasions warrant lamb on a spit, a Greek tradition on birthdays and festivals like Easter and Christmas.


All Thalassa locations are carefully chosen to bring you spaces with that integrate nature. They are spacious, airy and conveniently situated be it by the river front or in the heart of the capital city of Goa. Ample parking and valet service are available so you can focus on having a good time.

Thalassa Greek Restaurant In Goa
Thalassa Greek Restaurant In Goa


Think Greece and you are sure to paint a picture of azure skies and whites. Thalassa has strains of Corfu in its Classy chic décor that make a stunning contrast to the gorgeous blues and greens of Goa. The Bar is not to be missed with its signature look and we love to see our patrons enjoying themselves.


Thalassa Greek Restaurant In Goa

It is sure to draw you in and make you a part of the celebrations. Surrender to the rhythm and pulse of Thalassa and become part of an incredible experience, one you absolutely have to try.

Thalassa Greek Restaurant In Goa

Soak in the Greek entertainment vibe with traditional and celebratory dances, Sirtaki and Zorba. Enjoy the live performances by some dynamic artistes as they light up the floor. One of the highlights is the custom of smashing plates and showering flowers on all those who are part of the celebrations. Besides these, there is an array of cabaret performances, carnival dances and fire-shows that make Thalassa truly an energy force and not just another restaurant.

Dances and Music are the stuff of life and the performances are designed to bring you sheer joy. The energy of these events are electrifying and enliven your spirit. As much as the performances are by the artists, the pleasure of their art is yours to revel in.


The waterfront at Siolim also hosts some wonderful artisans with their unique creations. Indulge yourself or gift someone something from your Goan holiday right here. The offerings range from home décor to clothing and jewellery and other interesting curios.

Thalassa is an organic whole. The stores have emerged from the beauty of inspiration. Fashion and lifestyle product stores such as Flame, La Vie Boheme, Reef, KukuNana and others have an exquisitely curated collection. Artisanal and unique, many of them are hand crafted with care. Whether it is something to jazz up your wardrobe or flaunting new baubles or thoughtful gifts for your loved ones, there is something for everyone.

Thalassa Greek Restaurant In Goa
Thalassa Greek Restaurant In Goa

Stroll over post your meal or in between courses to browse and indulge in these stunning creations and become the proud owner of some fabulous pieces that are sure to enhance the aesthete in you.

Meet the people behind Thalassa

The heart and soul of Thalassa are Mariketty Grana and Spiro Grana , a mother-son duo who have recreated Grecian magic in the heart of a sleepy village in Goa. Their vision of Thalassa is evocative of traditional Greek hospitality.

Thalassa Greek Restaurant In Goa

Mariketty Grana

Much loved Mariketty dreamed of Thalassa Greek Taverna as a way to bring a bit of her Greek home in Corfu right in Goa where she has lived since over 25 years. She comes from a lineage of restaurateurs and has the magical touch in her food. She has been the life force behind this phenomenon called Thalassa. She is as much Greek as she is Goan and Thalassa is the result of the best of two worlds.

Thalassa Greek Restaurant In Goa

Spiro Grana

Spiro is truly his mother’s son with his unique touch. He is the quiet but powerful engine who ensures things run smoothly. Down to earth, easy going, he is a much loved man amongst the patrons. An animal lover and fitness enthusiast, he makes time for these passions even as his entrepreneurial acumen shines in his various ventures. He brings a native Indian touch to a greek inheritance.

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