Greece In The Heart Of Goa

A happening place, Thalassa in Panjim is located in the heart of the capital city. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a meal for lunch or dinner. And did we mention our desserts? There’s an entire counter to give you a fabulous spread from which to choose.

Live gigs, dance workshops and special menus make this a place you want to visit on your day in the capital city. Explore the beaches of Miramar or quaint Fontainhas and when hunger strikes, you know where to find us.

Thalassa Greek Restaurant In Goa


Greek specialities that are sure to take you on a Grecian odyssey. Situated on the coast, the seafood is a favourite besides salads and grilled meats. The dessert bar is a hot favourite with a variety of sweet somethings for every palate.


Styled along Greek sensibilities, the décor retains the unmistakable Thalassa colors while creating niches that are warm, cozy, or outdoorsy. The space has been thoughtfully designed to incorporate nature.

Thalassa Greek Restaurant In Goa
Thalassa Greek Restaurant In Goa


Nestled in the heart of the capital, Thalassa Panjim is perfect for that easy comfort with convenient access to the beach or the many quaint shops nearby. Spend half a day in the vicinity, watch a sunset and grab your meals here.


Greek hospitality is incomplete without song and dance. Live gigs that include music and dance workshops happen every week along with a special menu for the dancers. Wednesdays are Latino nights while Fridays invite you to let your hair down and karaoke. Sundays are usually with Savio and his melodies.

Thalassa Greek Restaurant In Goa

“Hospitality is when someone feels at home in your space”

Mediterranean Magic in Panjim

Thalassa in Panjim is a culinary gem that seamlessly combines city views, delectable mediterranean cuisine, and warm hospitality. It promises an unforgettable dining experience where flavors, atmosphere, and excellent service come together to create a true feast for the senses.

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